The website of the ESA was established in September 1998 by Troy Danyk. The purpose of the website has not changed since its inception -- to be a resource that entomologists and other entomophiles can use to discover information about the Entomological Society of Alberta, and entomological events and resources specific to Alberta. Other websites (e.g., site maintained by the Entomological Society of Canada) have a wider scope, and a link to the ESC site can be found on the links page of the ESA website.

A counter was added to the website during the week of May 8, 2000 to determine how often the ESA website was used. The counter recorded the total number of individual hits per day for the home page only, and did not distinguish between repeated visits by the same person from individual visits by more than one person. In February 2007, Microsoft ceased operation of the counter and no further counter was engaged because a sufficiently long period of time had elapsed during which data concerning website use were obtained. Results show that website use increased consistently over time and then leveled-off some time during 2004 (see below).

While the information content varied over time, but generally increased, the appearance remained largely unchanged. In July 2005, the website underwent a significant revision in terms of appearance and information content. Improvements included new graphics and photos, and information was grouped under major headings accessible from the home page. Colours used throughout the website now conform more closely to those used in the flag crest and coat of arms for the province of Alberta.

The ESA is grateful for permission to use insect photos seen on the website; photos were provided by John Acorn, Robert Bercha (see Insects of Alberta ), Dr. Troy Danyk, Dr. Dan Johnson, and Dr. Derek Sikes. Photos of people were taken by ESA members at annual meetings of the Society. Photos may have been retouched to conform to graphical requirements of the ESA website. Photos may change from time to time to help make the website more interesting.

FMI concerning the website, contact the ESA Webmaster.

Updated: March 23, 2007