Kananaskis Bioblitz - July 17-18, 2010.

The folks at the University of Calgary are planning a 24 hour bioblitz at the Barrier Lake ("Kananaskis") Field Station, beginning at 2:30PM on July 17. Below is some information from Rob Longair [longair@ucalgary.ca]; you can contact him if you are interested or require more details.

We plan to run the BioBlitz at the Barrier Lake field station from 2:00 (roughly) on Saturday, 17 July to the same time on Sunday, 18 July. We are going to collect from an area around the station that will include Barrier Lake, a couple of one year old clearcuts near the station, some beaver ponds at some distance, as well as the portion of Lusk Creek nearby and, of course, the forest (mostly planted at some time in the past) around the station. We'll firm up the exact area a little better later. If anyone is interested, there is additional information online at http://bgs.ucalgary.ca/facilities (The renamed Kananaskis Field Station is now part of the Biogeoscience Institute). The Open House runs on Sunday from 10-4, so we are hoping to do some very preliminary summary before the public leaves on Sunday. I have been told we can provide one night of accomodation (though it may be a little crowded) and a couple of meals and there is camping nearby, of course. We will be set up with microscopes and lights, etc. in one of the small labs in the station buildings. The public will be able to come in and visit on Sunday in conjunction with other presentations about research at the station in other rooms.

Updated: May 17, 2010