An ongoing interest of the Entomological Society of Alberta is to increase the awareness and appreciation of insects among the youth of Alberta. For a number of years, representatives of the ESA have attended regional science fairs in Alberta to interact with gradeschool students and view projects that concern insects or other arthropods. Students that develop and present projects that, in the opinion of the ESA judge, are judged to be the best may be awarded a book prize sponsored by the ESA. Judges evaluate projects based upon criteria that include degree of difficulty, originality, visual and oral presentation, and depth of knowledge demonstrated by students. For more information about the involvement of ESA in science fairs, contact the Chair of the Education and Outreach Committee.

Winners of book prizes in recent years appear below. Congratulations to the winners!

Kiwanis Regional Science Fair, Medicine Hat, April 5
Student: Mya Andrus (grade 4-6 category)
Project: Cricket vs. Gerbil Intelligence
Book prize: Bugs of Alberta

Updated: March 1, 2007