The object of the Society shall be to foster the advancement, exchange, and dissemination of the knowledge of insects in relation to their importance in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, public health, industry and for its own sake, among the people of the Province of Alberta.

Each year, members of the Society gather to hear, view and discuss results of scientific investigations and related work conducted by fellow members. The Annual Meeting also is a time for members to decide upon the operation and focus of their Society. The social aspect of the Annual Meeting is an important component, and the Meeting afford members the opportunity to chat with collegues that they may not see on a regular basis. Members are usually treated to a banquet, with an after-dinner speaker, an ample number of coffee breaks and occasionally field trips.

The Society seeks to increase the awareness and appreciation of insects among the people of Alberta, especially the youth. To help achieve this aim, the ESA participates in regional science fairs when such fairs feature projects that concern insects or other arthropods.


Updated: 9 August, 2018