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2012 JAM Photo Contest


The Entomological Society of Alberta (ESAB) invites photographers to enter the JAM 2012 Photo Competition. The competition is open to all participants of JAM 2012, excluding members of the ESAB JAM planning committee and the competition judges. The theme for the competition will be Canadian Arthropods, in the following categories:
1. Dead--pinned or preserved specimens
2. Alive--in the natural habitat
3. Dead or Alive--predators with prey
4. Alive with mites--insect mite symbiosis
(Sponsored by International Journal of Acarology editor, Dave Walter)
$150 will be awarded to the winner for each category and the “Alive with mites” winner may be offered the opportunity to be a cover illustration for the International Journal of Acarology.

You must read the following rules and conditions and agree to them before submitting any photographs:


Rules and Conditions:
1. Only JAM 2012 participants may enter.
2. Non-members are required to obtain membership with their local Canadian entomological society, ESAB or ESC in order to participate.
3. You must be the photographer and owner of the copyright for each image entered.
4. You will retain copyright of your entries at all times and will always be credited with your picture.
5. By entering this competition, you grant us the right to display your photograph in connection with this competition.  For example, during the award presentations at the AGM Banquet, on the ESC/ESAB websites (please include any links to your websites or image libraries that you would like to include) and possibly in the Bulletin.
6. We may allow other websites/blogs or print media to display a selection of the winning images in order to publicise the results of this competition. (Images displayed on the web will be a maximum of 800 pixels on the long edge.)
7. Due to the open nature of the web, the ESAB cannot be held responsible for images that are extracted from websites or blogs without permission.
8. Please note that entries are private and that you will not be able to browse the other submissions.
9. The deadline for entry is 11:59 PM MST on 30 October, 2012.
10. The judges reserve the right to cancel one or more categories if submissions are insufficient and the competition may be cancelled if less than 16 images in total are received before the deadline.
11. To ensure the integrity of the competition, the owners of images selected for the final round may be expected to provide full-sized image files to the judges.
12. The decision of the judges will be final.
13. Failure to meet the rules, conditions and submission requirements of this competition will result in disqualification.


Submission Requirements
1. The competition theme is Canadian Arthropods.
2. Each photographer can submit a maximum of three images to the competition, in the category/categories of their choice.
3. Each photo submitted must include the following information:
- Photographer’s Name
- Statement of Entomology Society Membership
- Photograph category
- Date and location that the photograph was taken
- Identification at least to the Genus level as well as a brief paragraph (<300 words) about the subject of the image.

4. Please keep digital manipulation to a minimum (exposure, contrast, sharpening); your photograph should faithfully represent the scene as you saw it.
5. Each image submitted should be in a high quality JPEG format, sRGB color space, with a minimum of 1920 pixels along the long edge. Please do not include a border.
6. There must be no watermarks or indication of ownership on the photograph.
7. Please include your name and subject matter in the file name. (i.e. “WEJones_Musca-domestica.jpg”)
8. If you are submitting more than one image of the same subject, be sure to add a number. (i.e.“WEJones_Musca-domestica1.jpg”, “WEJones_Musca-domestica2.jpg”)
9. Submit your image and supporting information to athysse@gmail.com (Images are best submitted individually)
10. Images will no longer be accepted after 11:59 PM MST on 30 October, 2012.


Contacts: Dave Walter and Adrian Thysse.